Abloy  EL404 Electric lock
Because of its unique symmetrical trigger bolt ABLOY® el404 can be used in swinging doors. ABLOY® el..
Abloy EL560 Electric lock
EL560 is a handle controlled solenoid lock used in wooden and metal doors. Handle controlled locks a..
Eff Eff Technilock® Model 844L4
Product descriptionElectro-mechanical door bolt for use in high security areasNoteStrike plate is no..
Electric high-security lock 809M32-72A65E9C
Product descriptionThe electric security lock 809® is a self-locking panic lock with split follower ..
NC8803 (CE3F) - Fixed Size 3 Rack & Pinion Door Closer Union dubai
Application Easy to install: Quick and easy fitting process with specific template for each ..
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