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Fiberglass Rope

The Fiberglas Rope is braided from a number of textured glass fiber yarns. The diameter of the rope is determined by the number and thickness of the yarn being used. Fiberglass rope are made from high temperature fiberglass for 1000°F level applications.

They have outstanding thermal resistance, high tensile strength, low thermal conductivity, and excellent chemical resistance. Fiberglass rope are durable, resistant to mildew, and have no hazard to health.


  • Recommended Service Temperature → 550°C
  • Softening Point → 850°C
  • Melting Point → 1200°C
  • Loss on Ignition → <1%
  • Structure → Knit Braided / Circular Braided / Square Braided / Twisted
  • Default Reinforcement → None
  • Optional Reinforcement → SS 304
  • Color → White
  • Applications:
  • Used in stove door seals
  • Oven and stoves
  • Blast furnaces
  • Thermal insulation of electrical wire
  • Wrapping of pipes

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